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Win32:MalOb-Z [Cryp]

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I have had this Malware in the message title for 2 to 3 days now. I have used everything from AVG, Avast, Bestspyware etc etc to try and get rid of this malware. I even went to PC tools and talk to customer service to ask if I bought their product if they could guarantee removal.

Before purchasing I thought I would check online to see if there was any ideas and I found the Malwarebytes forum and the topic tread on how to remove this malware using COMBO FIX.

I followed instructions as per this thread link that I attach on this email . . . .


I followed everything on how to save combofix as another name, and to install it. I started to do this about 2am this morning. It is now 12noon.

When I came to the laptop that I ran the combo fix all I see is a totally black screen. I panicked. Something seemed to be running in the background as I see the light flickering. Waited for another hour and nothing. So I switched the computer off manually. Waited a few minutes and then switched it on and tried to do it in save mode by pressing PF8 key. It gave me the option to choose my operating software and in a few minutes took me to the page where I enter my windows password to enter my desktop.

However when I did that, instead of taking me to my desktop it took me back to this black page that I saw in the morning at 11am.

AM DESPERATE this is my MAIN laptop . . . Is there ANYWAY I can stop the Combo Fix from running if this is indeed what is happening? I dont think it should take from 2am to 11am to run a scan through my laptop should it???

Anyways my main concern is that my laptop that was infected . . . that I am able to get back to my desktop and all the things I had on it. I am not a tech savvy person and so I just followed the instructions to the T with the link above that I included. So not sure what is going on. I obviously must hvae done something wrong with the Combo Fix.

PLEASE HELP . . . I need to get back my laptop to its original state even if that original state is WITH the above mentioned Malware. As at least then, I can seek professional guidance on how to get rid of the malware.


Thanks so much.



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