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It would be great if Malwarebytes came out with a file shredder to go with their Anti-Malware solution.

I find that I have to run a separate application like Clean my Max X for a file-shredder. There is no merit in running two different applications when one application could do both.

Equally it would be great if Malwarebytes did a program uninstaller as this would be a lifesaver for applications that do not have a dedicated uninstaller.  

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These are not things we are likely to do, nor would I advise using such solutions from another company.

Regarding a file shredder, on modern SSDs and wear leveling algorithms, such a thing really doesn't truly exist. No existing file shredder can actually guarantee that it is overwriting the same space on the SSD that the file occupied. I would go so far as to say that a file shredder that runs on a modern Mac with SSD and that claims to be able to "shred" files in such an environment probably should be detected as a PUP.

Just make sure that your disk is encrypted with File Vault.

Regarding generic uninstallers, such programs rarely get things exactly right. They often either don't remove everything, or worse, they remove too much. Plus, in this day and age, they can cause other problems, such as system extensions that can no longer be easily removed because the app that installed them was removed inappropriately.

Instead, you should always seek out the uninstaller for any app you want to remove, as the developer of the app knows exactly what needs to get removed, and how. Many apps actually DO have an uninstaller, but you just don't know that it exists if you don't go looking for it. (App Store apps, of course, require no uninstaller, as you can simply drag them to the trash. Some non-App Store apps also follow a similar model.) For apps that truly don't offer an uninstaller (Microsoft Office is one of the most prominent culprits), you're better off finding a KB article or forum post where someone has documented what files to remove.

Whatever you do, if you go searching for removal instructions, DO NOT download anything that is recommended for uninstalling an app unless it's an uninstaller from the official website of the company that makes the app.

In the case of Malwarebytes, we would ALWAYS prefer that you use our uninstaller, as folks who uninstall via other methods often end up on support looking for help with an incomplete uninstallation. That's never a positive experience for anyone.

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