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Part of secure agent installation triggers a false positive


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https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/999839d3509137296af3612180945ba15aa958f7d32fcdf691101ae9cbee3cb0?nocache=1 we already uploaded it yesterday. it seems like MB sometimes triggers but not always. we reran the scan multiple times.

sometimes it pops up sometimes it doesnt. however when our clients update their malware byte installations their day to day business can be cripled. i attached a screenshot showing malwarebytes in a recent virustotal scan


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There is an issue where VT sometimes has problems reaching our cloud and this might be one of those times. Not to mention, our engine format and configuration in VirusTotal is different than our products' default configuration. In VirusTotal we use a command-line engine with more aggressive detection techniques and heuristics which might detect more than the commercial product. This is the norm with most if not all other antivirus vendors in VirusTotal. For more information please read https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/288906-virustotal-only-detections-not-detected-in-desktop-product/.

I whitelisted it and ran a scan with MBAM to double check. The file is not detected locally despite what VT shows.

Can you have your client re-run a scan on the file? 


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