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Difficulty with adding more licenses

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As a growing business, we need to keep adding new people to our account.  To date, the only option seems to be making new subscriptions - which then means we have multiple ones, with different end dates, different people split on different accounts, and this is starting to become a problem.

Can we consolidate multiple subscriptions into our teams one?  Can we add people or that just isn't how you see business growing?  

I tried phone support, used the PIN provided, and it hangs up on me.  Tried 5 times.

I put in a support ticket last Friday with no response.

Could use some help, thx.  I am trying to support Malwarebytes with our growth, but it seems i can't even throw you money easily? I don't get it haha.

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23 minutes ago, EZOnlineDocuments said:

I put in a support ticket last Friday with no response.

It can be 10 or more weekdays for a response.

23 minutes ago, EZOnlineDocuments said:

As a growing business, we need to keep adding new people to our account. 

Are you using the consume stand alone version or one of the business offerings?

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16 minutes ago, EZOnlineDocuments said:

It also sounds like they don't have an option to add licenses to a subscription, which really is odd.

Have you checked the my.malwarebytes.com to see if you can add from there?

17 minutes ago, EZOnlineDocuments said:

a teams plan with 7 devices (all used), and a new teams plan with 2 devices (1 used).  Sounds like I need to wait a couple of weeks and hopefully they can sort this. 

In the future, Teams is eligible for priority support. It has a different link for submitting tickets.

What link did you use?

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14 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

What is your ticket number? @EZOnlineDocuments

I looked up your ticket based on the email address used here on the forums and was not able to locate any ticket.



Malwarebytes Support ticket 4036822

Our subscriptions are (with reference number):

163059992 - teams 7 licenses

189164014 - premium 10 licenses

193627511 - teams 2 licenses

We would prefer all 19 on one teams and the ability to add more as needed.  I do not see any ability to add more on any of those 3 right now.  To access them I have to use the dropdown to switch between them.


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