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MBAM caught malware


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Please do not use ***Poweriso***. I used to use it when nothing else would fix my pendrive. 
It was great.
When I recently used it my system was awfully infected. It disabled Windows security , disabled other features.
I have since recovered an image and did not keep the log in MBAM which caught it, sorry.

Kudos to MBAM   and avoid Poweriso.

If you know of a program  that will repair a stubbornly corrupted flash drive, please let me know.

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Not sure what you mean about repairing a corrupted flash drive. A normal Format should correct any file structure issues.

For data recover on one you might look at this tool




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Thank you for the links; they were informative.

When I use a flash drive with a Chromebook or when installing a Linux distro to my pen drive formatted as exfat it seems the drive becomes inoperable after that with my Windows 11.

Perhaps I am formatting incorrectly. Poweriso used to fix it in a blink to clean and create a bootable flash drive.

I recently used PI and my pc reacted in aa negative fashion where the Windows security was disabled etc.

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That is because you're using Linux and it probably formats it to one that Windows does not see.

You can go into Disk Manager and delete the volume. Then format it and it should come back.

There is also Fedora Media Writer that should also be able to restore your USB back to something Windows can see



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