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Logged support ticket 3 months ago for devices being deactivated. Waiting

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Logged support ticket 3912529 30th June 2022 3 months ago for devices being deactivated continuously - Known issue on malwarebytes, other customers experiencing same issue . Now 3 months later and still no resolution from Malwarebytes support. Devices are still deactivated every day. Another ticket logged for same issue 3968836 17th August still no resolution no response. Another ticket logged 3968839 still no resolution, no response. Another ticker logged 3969082  - Escalated to Robin Technical Specialist 30 August 2022. Robin advises a fix has been implemented. New key is still not updated on the customer portal now a month later. Call now escalated to Ilija ticket 397181 asks for malwarebytes tool to be run. Run tool again as requested by Ilija. Robin responds on the 2nd September 2022 (2 days later) - My apologies for the delayed response. Gives me another key to use which can only be activated on one device. Key still not updated on the customer portal now 2 months later. Now call escalated to Rocco De Salvo who asks me to download the support tool. This is the third time I have now run malwarebytes' support tool. Feed back from Rocco 7th September no detection's found. Robin responds on the 7th September 2022  -I can see you still have not activated your license key: I can't use the key Robin issued, it says Installation Token not Found. Updated Product Key still not showing on my customer portal now 9 weeks later. 9th Sepetember 2022 Robin send an email asking if further assistance is needed - My devices are still being deactivated continuously and new license key still not updated on my customer portal. 10 September 2022 - Emailed Robin and Rocco again and advised my devices are deactivated again and new license key still not updated on my customer portal - No response! Another call logged 3997810 - No response, no resolution. Another ticket logged 4027479 No response! Another ticket logged 4030971 No response! Another ticket logged 4030972 no response. Another ticket logged 4032388 Matija responds though advised they cannot assist me and issue has to be escalated to a specialist Robin. Matija asks me to use the free version of malwarebytes and just scan my devices with no real time protection. My Customer portal key is now removed and my subscription is cancelled and I have no key to activate my devices. No feedback or follow up from malwarebytes. Robin responds 4th October for ticket 3912529 asking me to update my malarebytes to the latest version of which it is already on the latest version already. Robin asks me to reactivate my license. Try to reactivate my license and get the message Installation Token not Found. Robin advised my license is expiring when it is only expires 26 May 2023. Email Robin today advising my devices are deactivated again and my subscription has been cancelled. Email Robyn again, no response. I have been a malwarebytes customer for over 4 years since 2018 renewing my subscription every year. Finally get a reply from Malwarebytes chat why my license has never worked: (13:43:56) Lori: Welcome back and thank you for the invoice and screenshots. I see that this license was canceled and it will need to be replaced due to a licensing issue. Advises my license key might have been resold or abused. So all this time this has been a malwarebytes issue, no my issue and I have suffered dearly for it for 3 months with deactivated devices at risk. Now I have a cancelled subscription and still no reply from Robin. Still waiting.

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A really bizarre thing on malwarebytes licensing portal devices are seen as activated though the names of the devices are blanked out. Agree with H_I_ it's like some kind of problem with license management that allows someone to deactivate it and activate non-legitimate devices. Yes understand, unfortunately, Hurricane Ian has left the Floridaan not leaving support not in a good spot. My devices are deactivated all the time, very annoying and what an inconvenience especially when you're a paying customer. Thanks David. Hope everyone is OK and safe in the midst of this disaster... I really hope support can get to the bottom of this and resolve this soon..



Deactivation error.JPG

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Please continue to work with Malwarebytes Support for all licensing issues.

The forums cannot assist with licensing issues.


Consumer Support


Business Support


I will go ahead and close this topic now.

Thank you


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