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Trojan.Tasker.Powershell false positive


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I created a game patcher/launcher with Sapien PowerShell studio and provided it to a development community as an open sourced project they could use too keep their testers' clients up-to-date and not worry about bug reports that were already resolved.  A couple of the devs using it use MalwareBytes AV and reported today that MB started flagging the launcher as Trojan.Tasker.Powershell.

Project page is here: https://blog.visuafusion.com/AtavismGameLauncherforWindows

Github is Here: https://github.com/bahusafoo/Atavism-Game-Launcher-for-Windows

Understand the powershell part, thinking it's thinking it's a trojan because the launcher downloads files stored on their configured web server with a .gltmp extension and strips that while downloading (this helps avoid web servers filtering out things such as .config files, etc. that their game client may need).  Wondering what I need to do (if anything) to have this false positive removed.



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1 minute ago, miekiemoes said:


Do you have the detection log? Because we have fixed this yesterday already, so just making sure here.

I don't have the log as I don't use Malwarebytes presently.  I've asked the users who reported in Discord to provide them, will update here if they respond.  Are the exe files at all helpful without the log?

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