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My first thoughts after installing MB5


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First off, I would like to thank you for this opportunity.

The new UI it's very user friendly and I like to see this. There are still many users who might not know how to set up an antivirus / security software and Security Advisor will help them a lot. I like it how every setting inside the Security Advisor it's well explained and easy to understand. I've seen something similar at BitDefender and I like this approach. (I've used BitDefender too a few years ago).

Also, the interface it's a lot easier to navigate through compared to MB4. Every important setting it's at hand and smartly placed.

On the running side. It is running very smooth on my old laptop. A well maintained Acer Aspire from 2010. It does not eat much memory so people who still own old laptops and PC's will be able to run it without worry. It doesn't lag at all. There's little to no delay while running it.

That's all I can tell now at a first sight, it made a very good impression on me.

I will do a first scan and continue to use my laptop as I normally do and if I find something which others didn't mention yet, I will return with another post.


Thank you and all the best,



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I agree, looks pretty good so far with no stability issues (Win11 22H2).

My only feedback would be to improve UI scaling in general when resizing MB5 window especially in home page (what u seen when u open click on MB5 icon in tray) and detection history page. Also "RealTime Protection" button should be either merged with "Security advisor" or at least made clickable.

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