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Trying to understand h.parrable attack -

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Hello, I would like some information on the recent parrable.com situation - first off I do NOT think I was infected; RTP caught attempts by my machine to contact a specific IP address and blocked them. This occurred only when the ads on said pages loaded, and afterturning on uBlock for incognito and telling the firewall to block that specific IP I have had no further issues. 

However the payload for the attack itself, as per my understanding, is a RAT that scares the crap out of me lol so I just wanted to make sure I understand what was going on with that whole situation. 

From what I gathered reading articles like this - h.parrable (the site/servers) was infected and the ads/trackers seeded across a variety of pages turned into a means of funneling others into FakeUpdate pages - and RTP Detection stopped that from executing on my end. The problem, I believe, lies with the infected ads/h.parrables compromised Javascript and not my own computer, which is why A;) I was always directed to one IP Address and the more important 2:) they stopped when I stopped the ads themselves.

More importantly, I certainly don't remember anything downloading from an "update" on my browser at any time in the past .... and I absolutely know that I would never, ever, manually open something that just showed up on my system. Which again, as per my understanding of this attack, is a requirement for final payload inspection. (Please let me know if I'm incorrect on this)

I did of course run all the assorted Malwarebytes/Avast/Adw/Windows Defender/Rogue Killer/MSERT/bootmode scans/safe mode scans/safe mode with networking ... none of it turned up anything. 

TL;DR - I think the infected Parrable ads tried to redirect my computer to a FakeUpdate and Malwarebytes stopped the connection. I don't think I'm at risk but would like an experts opinion on this whole Parrot TDS thing.

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