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I have not tried the VPN yet because I already use another one. However, looking at the Settings, I see that IP V4 addresses are required to bypass the VPN for Internet sites. In real life users do not know IP addresses. It would be better if we could specify URL instead.

Example: my ISP free.fr blocks email accounts when it finds that their POP, IMAP and SMTP servers are accessed through VPNs, and it's a PITA to get them back. I'd prefer being able to specify pop.free.fr, imap.free.fr, smtp.free.fr, or better: *.free.fr.

Beyond that, I like the new UI, and so far V5 seems to work well .

Regards, François

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I don't think that is really possible, at least not by normal methods. On a single IP there could be dozens or even hundreds of websites and the server-side setup checks the name you try to visit and redirects. It might be possible by VPN though, but I've not seen it.

Thank you for the suggestion



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Did not say it's impossible but you're also faking it. A single IP could house hundreds of websites. The server-side connection determines the redirect, not your local computer.

Want VPN: housefun.com

No VPN Wanted: mykitchen.com

If you allow the VPN to block housefun then you also block mykitchen as they're on the same IP. Yes, you could play some networking games but ultimately you're reducing the security value of even using a VPN in the first place.


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