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Unable to access external hard drive.


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I have a 2TB external hard drive that is not allowing me to access the contents. I am just getting the blue spinning wheel. I have googled the problem and tried to run CHKDSK /r - however - despite trying to run it - twice - the second time being over 12 hours - I had to stop the process because on both occasions because I had to go out and did not want to leave it running with no one home. 

During the times it was running, it kept reporting unreadable sector - numerous lines of this, in fact nothing but this.

I have run the CHKDSK process on 2 different computers.

My questions are - 

If I did let the CHKDSK process complete, in view of the unreadable sectors, would it then report it cannot fix it - or what should I expect to see on the screen when CHKDSK finally gets to the end? I am home all weekend from now so could potentially set it up again and leave it running for the weekend. (I am conscious about leaving stuff switched on when I am out having once had a smoking overheated (different) computer, so I don't want a repeat.)

Is my external drive doomed or is there anything else I can do?

The drive itself is a few years old, seldom used but still used from time to time for storage - it's got lots of space still on it as I recall. The make is WD My Passport.

thank you.


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I have used, with success on multiple occasions, Kroll Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Either you supply a drive of equal size or will have to buy one but they can and do extract as much data as possible on the failed hard disk and will port it in on the supplied drive.

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Hello @bluegiraffe:

Much like Dave's positive experience above, and before I retired from a large U.S. government organization, we recommended and used DriveSavers Data Recovery


Reference: https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/novato/profile/data-recovery/drivesavers-inc-1116-15889

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