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Malwarebytes detects ransomware in Minecraft


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A couple of days ago I was attacked by a virus that stole most of my accounts (gmail, steam, epicgames, minecraft, and probably others I haven't realized yet). Due to the paranoia that let me be affected to this level for the first time in almost 15 years surfing the internet and playing games, I decided to do a complete format of my pc but first I backed up my minecraft modpack with the worlds and almost all the .minecraft folder and the server folder that I hosted myself on my pc to play with my girlfriend. After formatting I went about recovering my accounts and managed to recover most of them except for Minecraft, which I didn't give much importance to since I have Xbox Game Pass so I have another account since the attacker didn't steal my microsoft account which is logged into windows. Today I tried to play with my girlfriend on the server and it was abruptly closed by malwarebytes throwing me an alert that said "java malicious inbound socket detected" without further information, I assumed that the server had been infected with the virus and I gave it up for lost. Now I tried to play Minecraft in single player mode and as soon as I entered the world the game closed and Malwarebytes detected "Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic". It is worth noting that I never opened these two files before having Malwarebytes installed, and according to me the virus that affected me before was not through Minecraft or the server I created, as I am almost 100% sure it was an .exe that I foolishly opened even though windows defender had blocked it, as many times windows defender detected safe programs as viruses. But back on topic I am quite worried that Malwarebytes detects my minecraft server and even the game itself as a ransomware. Is this detection a false positive or should I be worried about this? Can I somehow clean my server and minecraft or should I definitely write them off, delete them and create a new modpack and a new server? I need help please. Also i'm sorry for my bad english, it is not my primary language. 


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