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Is this the actual Glasswire download?

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I downloaded glasswire today and I have this strange feeling in my gut that I downloaded from the wrong site. I'm wasn't sure where to ask for help but this is one of the places I know that help out with malware so If someone can please check this download out I would really appreciate it. 



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  • Domain is registered with networksolutions.com
  • Domain is registered to Registrant Street: 5335 Gate Parkway care of Network Solutions PO Box 459
  • Web site is hosted by Amazon.com, Inc., USA - Washington
  • Mail Server is hosted by ZOHO, USA - California
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) is hosted by Amazon Data Services NoVa, USA - Virginia
  • Domain was created on 4/25/2003
  • Domain was last updated on 4/25/2022
  • Domain expires on 4/25/2032
  • Web server string: CloudFront
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4 hours ago, Porthos said:

You seem to be asking that in other forums as well.

That can be a marketing (spam) Tactic, I've seen similar before, same question, often the exact same wording, on multiple fora.

Asking questions on fora about your own software is one cheap way of getting your link out there.

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Hello thanks for the responses and sorry for making post on two different forums. I was unaware of that being disallowed I was just anxious for a response because the file had already been run and so I thought I was done for, so I got impatient. I asked a friend that know more about computers than me what I could do, and he said that I can ask in these forums and he gave me a list and he never told me I couldn't post on two sorry about that I won't do that again now that I know.

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No one is saying that you can't ask a question on more than one forum at a time, of course you can.

It's simply that as pointed out that can be (and is) used/abused for free advertising.
Forums are there to let people have a chat and help other people for free, not to let business advertise for free.
So multiple postings, especially posts which contain the same link(s), are something that forum moderators (of whatever forum) do notice.

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