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[Resolved] Signed Up - Multiple Credit Card Transactions


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Good afternoon,

We just signed up and purchased 32 licenses from Canada. Once I completed the purchase we had a transaction go through our credit card from MALWAREBYTES SAN JOSE, CA for $1.34CAD.

Then we had another invoice go through for $6802.44CAD. 

I checked in Nebula for our invoice, and the only invoice that existed was for $5079.24USD with no conversion on it, and no invoice for the $1.34CAD. What was the $1.34CAD purchase? and where is a copy of the invoice for this transaction amount? 

I've called multiple times and opened up tickets and no one is getting back to me.

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Many times when you make a purchase on a Credit Card, a temporary "test" is made for a small amount.  Then it may be removed and the actual purchase is put through or that initial test is converted to the actual purchase.

I see that all the time.

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Without being condescending, please clarify on the following:

what other organizations do that? I've been purchasing with credit card internationally for almost 15 years and this is the first organization I've worked with that has done that, and not done a simple pre-auth on a credit card like everyone else. 

Why does the support team not have an answer to this question?

Why am I waiting multiple days and then not having a response from anyone at MWB's for my ticket?

Any reason why the transaction has not been returned yet?

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I have found numerous Gas Stations for one will charge $1.00 and will show up as "processing" and then later the actual amount is posted in my account as reflected on my Credit Card printed receipt.

I have also seen this with new purchases with Online locations such as when I recently purchased a 7.6AH SLA battery from a vendor I had not done business with before.

This has nothing to do with "support".  It is a common practice between merchant, Point of Sale Processor and Credit Card company.


It is SOP for Malwarebytes Support to take a week and may be longer if there is a US Holiday in the intermediate period.

1 hour ago, CRS_FortStJohn said:

Any reason why the transaction has not been returned yet?

You need to discuss this with your Credit Card issuing Bank or company as they can explain the process best.

All I can relate is that I am pro-active on my Credit Cards and access their associated Web Site account portals and see the kind of transaction you describe - Often.





Where do those $1 charges come from?

If you look at your list of pending purchases, you’ll probably discover that a random $1 charge bumps right up against a charge from a gas station, hotel or rental car company. That's because the $1 charge is actually a temporary preauthorization from your credit card company, basically giving the merchant the green light to charge your card for the full amount when your final purchase is made. By preauthorizing your card $1, the card company doesn't have to place a larger hold against your account.

The $1 charge disappears when the final amount you’ve spent at a hotel or gas station is no longer pending. The preauthorization is lifted, and the $1 charge doesn’t show up on your final statement.


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34 minutes ago, CRS_FortStJohn said:

... we had a transaction go through our credit card from MALWAREBYTES SAN JOSE, CA for $1.34CAD.

Looking at a conversion of Canadian dollars to US dollars...



That $1.29 CAD is bloody close to what you had;  $1.34 CAD,

I hope this puts this to rest and helps.

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