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idk what to do

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i downloaded fl studio through 1337x which a reputable website, i installed "fl studio" but i never replaced the crack files onto the "fl studio" directory. when i ran the .exe file an mp4 came up of something "scary" some kind of cartoon face and noise. the comments on the 1337x website said that it didn't have any malware etc. and the uploader seemed to be reputable. multiple seeders, and 1337x checked the upload 1 hour before i downloaded and installed the program. when the mp4 came up i closed the vlc media player and shut my laptop down. should i turn the laptop back up through safemode and run malwarebytes or is it ok to turn it on without safe mode. idk if it's really some type of virus or malware. i also never expected for 1337x to allow malware on their website. i had malware bytes running in the background but i can't afford premium so it didn't warn me... i don't have anything important on that laptop but im afraid it would take all my passwords etc.

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Hello @Soul123Nab and :welcome::

While you are waiting for the next qualified/approved malware removal expert helper to weigh in on your topic, and even though you may have run one or more of its following procedural steps, please carefully follow the instructions within the following:

I'm infected - What do I do now?

This only applies to the laptop system.

Remember, please be certain to attach (not Copy and Paste) the three (3) resulting report files in your next reply to this topic.

Thank you.

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