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Malwarebytes 5 Preview program invites


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If you're doing research to confirm the validity of the Malwarebytes 5 Preview program invite you received, you've come to the right place. Also, we applaud you for being weary of malicious intent!

It's been nearly 3 years since we launched Malwarebytes version 4 and we're excited to welcome you into early testing of our Malwarebytes 5 prototype. As mentioned in your invite, we are ready to start testing Malwarebytes version 5 with real-world users and we're eager to hear your feedback. 


Who is this H4V0C person?
Hi there, 'tis me Aaron, a product manager here at Malwarebytes. I started with the company in 2019 in the Tampa Bay Florida area where I focus primarily on our consumer product lines. I don't enjoy long walks on the beach but I do enjoy spending time with my family and getting out on the water to go kayak fishing when they're tired of hearing dad jokes.


Why was I invited?
Currently the preview program is by invite only. We are looking for feedback from approximately 100 individuals in the Malwarebytes community. You have been selected for the program because we recognize your contributions to the Malwarebytes community through the help and assistance you've provided to others via your feedback on our forums.


Ready to get started?
Excellent, please return to your invite and follow the instructions listed under the How do you join the prototype testing team section of the message.


I replied to the invite, what's next?
Be on the lookout for a welcome letter in your inbox which contains instructions on how to get started. As I'm located on the East coast of the US, you might not see a response right away if your message was received outside of normal business hours.


Still have questions?
if you have any additional concerns about the legitimacy of the invite you received, or the details of the preview program, please feel free to reply to this topic and someone from the Malwarebytes team will get back to you.


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Just wanted to say thanks for the invite. Having grown up with Malwarebytes as a technical user, and Systems Admin its a great privilege to be testing products again for you all. I believe that getting real world testing experience is one of the best ways to iron out a product as there is many many different systems people use. Labs will never hit all the variants or variations with out public testing.

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