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[Release] AdwCleaner 8.4


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We finally released a new version of AdwCleaner, 8.4. It contains quite a few changes over the last version, learn more below!


AdwCleaner now scans and remediate malicious modifications of the "new" Microsoft Edge browser. After Firefox, Chromium and variants, it's Edge's turn to be covered.

In a more technical aspect, we added the `/uninstall` command line switch and re-implemented the uninstallation logic to make it much more robust (as a reminder, AdwCleaner doesn't exactly install anything, by "uninstallation" we mean removing folders and files that AdwCleaner need to function properly, something that can also be done by hand).

We also fixed a security vulnerability with regards to how we used to handle mountpoints and symbolic links. Thanks to everyone who submits vulnerability reports, we love to receive them!

As usual, see the changelog below:

## v8.4.0 [22/08/2022]

### New Features

* Now also supports Microsoft Edge browser
* Improve the uninstallation flow, and add a `/uninstall` command to the CLI.

### Changes

* Update bundled definitions to 2022.08.22.1

### Bugfixes

* Fix security issue when dealing with mountpoints and symlinks.
* Some deleted items were not displayed in the quarantine
* Fix Chrome-based browsers scanning logic

Download here: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner

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