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False Positive detection


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I am the developer of the file scanned in the below link: 



It is a program for chess and it does not contain any viruses. Program is protected with the latest VMProtect software, which may cause false positive detection.

Please remove the false positive detection.

Thank you.

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whitelisted since July 27


Today is August 04

Detection is still present: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3f8e4e60f02c5fdb72e11646dbf84b843f9436087b47373b3ffb25e859d4b154/detection


Guys, seriously, I am so tired of it.

Microsoft Windows Defender removes false positives within a few hours. Without any further emails / questions / long dialogs.

Avira, Bitdefender is ok too. They remove fp within a few days.

They don't ask you to "go to some forum and discuss the issue there". They just add your file to the whitelist. And no matter what settings the antivirus has, it will no longer detect the file, because it is on the white list.

Does your antivirus not have a whitelist? Or some kind of false-positive suppression system?



is not detected locally, it is only being detected at VT


False positive detections at VT causes reputational and economic damage to my business.

When the ordinary user sees that some antivirus like Malwarebytes generates red label "MALWARE", he refuses to use and buy my product.



Also, our Desktop product includes some additional whitelisting checks which are not present in the command-line version.


Well, maybe you should add these checks into the virustotal version? It will make life much easier for developers and for you, don't you think?



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