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Repeated Failure - Settings - "Check for updates" Version

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I'm reporting that over the last 3 days I'm unable to update Malwarebytes Premium 4.5.10 using the option "Check for updates" under the Settings - About menu.

The only way I can get updated is by downloading the MB-Support Tool and after selecting my open ticket 3923888 "Checking for updates Error" and then waiting for the tool to complete uninstalling/reinstalling the software.

I even receive the error immediately after the new install. I even get the message "Something went wrong" "One or more items in the current update did not complete successfully. Please check your internet connection and try again. If you need more help, visit our support site".

My internet connection is just fine. While the update is failing, I'm running my browser and other hardwire connected software and sending and receiving data etc., watching videos and the like. 

Last updated on 7/10/22 6:13 AM MST.

Thanks for listening.



Malwarebytes Failure 2022-07-09 220648.png

Malwarebytes Failure 2022-07-09 220650.png

Malwarebytes Failure 2022-07-09 220651.png

Malwarebytes Failure 2022-07-11-220651.png

Malwarebytes Failure 2022-07-09 220647 - Copy.png

Malwarebytes Fail to Update Again 2022-07-10 055059 - Copy.png

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I can also confirm same issue with numerous customers who I have supplied Malwarebytes installations / licenses etc.

We do not appear to be getting any official response from Malwarebytes concerning this problem ?

Only the request each time to send a log using Malwarebytes tool.  A reinstallation does not resolve the updating fault !

Clearly we have a major program update issue here with numerous posts all complaining of the same issue its not an isolated local problem.

What would help is if we could have an official response and some sort of explanation so I can pass information onto my customers with ETA when this is expected to be resolved ?



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I'm having same problem with "update did not complete successfully..." After reviewing lots of forum posts I'm going with rorymi6 assumption that issue with recent major program update issue and will wait (hope & pray...) for Malwarebytes to identify and fix the issue. But then, what about MB system seeing and downloading update? Seems might be stuck in endless loop if can't get past "update did not complete successfully..."? Oh well...

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On 7/11/2022 at 11:34 AM, rorymi6 said:

What would help is if we could have an official response and some sort of explanation


Hi, yes, we are aware that there is a timeout occurring for some folks - it's not our product, it's an issue with one of the servers that they've been working very hard to identify.


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I've attached my latest version screenshot below. I ran a custom scan and included to check for rootkits and all drives. That completed successfully. I then selected update in About and received a acknowledgement that my system is up to date. I'll wait till tomorrow to see if the update is still working and report back.

Malwarebytes latest version 2022-07-13 052537.png

Malwarebytes Scan Results 2022-07-13 052537.png

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2 hours ago, fxjacobb said:

Check for updates failed right after the scan. As I suspected. See attached screenshot from this morning.

Until this issue is fully resolved you should be able to download and manually update the client each day.

64-bit - https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/lx8dfe2xdysnwnyca3mdfwz4lmah99yr

32-bit - https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/swwntld4n2fr7x2apvoq8l3831lgmzd0


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