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Device Encryption for HOME users false positive


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Our software Alertsec_Bitlocker_installer is being blocked by you. It is not a malware, but enable users to install MS Device Encryption on Win10 &11 HOME machines.
I have attached an installer for you to check and add to your white list.

This should install ok (it was restored after your software quarantined it).

If it doesn't work - I have created an account for you so that you can download a fresh installer.


Login with ID: alertsectest+malwarebytes@gmail.com and password "Malwarebytes" (Case sensitive)

You can reach me on my email registered to this account.

Thank you


AlertSec_BitLocker_Installer (95).zip

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A little extra info for staff.



File: 1
Malware.AI.4238103837, C:\MALWARE TEST NO WD\527966492_ALERTSEC_BITLOCKER_INSTALLER(95)\ALERTSEC_BITLOCKER_INSTALLER (95).EXE, No Action By User, 1000000, -56863459, 1.0.56509, 1FDF916FD84946D2FC9C551D, dds, 01833800, 478E0D057C38408D3ABB8CCFCE455215, 9F8A936238A43385A687660EBCE3541875D3BAE7BAC76BE09FAEBDB21B7CCF90

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