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Question about a potential false positive


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I had Malware do it's most thorough scan and when I returned it had found malware.
But taking everything in consideration I'm suspecting it is a false positive.

It's found in a game folder from a game which I installed 6 months ago and the last update to it seems to be around Christmas (before I installed it) the actual last time the file was edited was on the 5th of January.
Ever since downloading the game I've had I'd guess about 4 or 5 thorough scans done and never had any detections.

Nowhere on the forums of the game or anywhere online do I see any remarks of malware being in the folders of this game.
I have yet to click quarantine, hopefully someone here could tell me if this is something to worry about or if it can be ignored.

Some extra info, I've never actually ran the game yet, I've got windows fully updated and I also use Eset internet security which did not detect anything.


Thanks for your time.


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Hey there,

Thank you for replying.
I've added a txt file with the scan results and the zipped file.

I quarantined it so I could move on for the time being and I could not find where it was quarantined to zip it up so I choose to undo the quarantine for a moment.
While it was out of quarantine I let mbam scan the file directly and it did not find anything.
Followed up by letting mbam scan the entire folder it was in, nothing found.

I have added those extra 2 scans in here as well.



Result.txt System.Runtime.Serialization.rar Scan after removing it from quarantine.txt Second scan after removing from quarantine but scanning the entire file it is in.txt

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