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Why is Microsoft Office running in the background and eating 29 MB?

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If you are using Microsoft Office Products (Office 365) on your computer It would be best to leave it as it was, which if I am not mistaken it was set to Automatic, that way it can start when needed.

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I hate Ribbons.  I saw and continue to see no benefit.  Pull-Down Menus, in my mind, are superior.  But as you can see LO gives you choices.

As you will also see it is TWAIN compliant and easily inserts a graphic directly off a Scanner.


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You don't "have to" use LibreOffice.  The authors of LibreOffice were also a party to OpenOffice.  However there were disagreements and LibreOffice forked from OpenOffice which is an alternative which one could also use in instead of MS Office

However LibreOffice is the better alternative.

OpenOffice is still worth a mention.  


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Can anyone tell me how to export LibreOffice settings, please? Thank you!

Found these:


But they either link to a dead URL or talk about other versions.

Edit: The URL works now! Maybe the server was temporarily down.

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