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Possible False Positive - Trojan.Injector


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Hello, odd activity from the Malwarebytes scanner and I'm unsure whether it's a real threat or just a possible error.

I did a Manual Scan using Update Package Version: 1.0.56405 and it detected 

File: 1
Trojan.Injector, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSISO.DLL, No Action By User, 719, 1065063, 0.0.0, , ame, , 9B370A462FE0C2F05A308FF2EB709055, 7F9FDB381D504841AE4D2533C7E0CBB84475C5228E330B909E82D2C9C6498167

After updating to Version: 1.0.56407, the file was no longer detected.

I then did a Custom Scan of the entire drive with Version: 1.0.56407 and it detected:

File: 1
Trojan.Injector, C:\WINDOWS\WINSXS\AMD64_NETFX4-CLR_DLL_B03F5F7F11D50A3A_4.0.15805.180_NONE_395BDBED9A54EAB4\CLR.DLL, No Action By User, 719, 1065063, 0.0.0, , ame, , AA6871A1B47FFC662A723679A867E653, 88FF8232C947924D7C5606382D5C099739431B554501809AC6C1BD846B545024

I then repeated the Custom Scan using the same file version and nothing was detected...

VirusTotal scans of both files showed no infection. Should I be concerned? :-(

malwarebytes again.txt malwarebytes stuff.txt

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