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4.16.5 BETA Update.


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Hello All:

Late yesterday, my Malwarebytes for Mac Premium app automatically downloaded/installed an update from to BETA, silently. The database remains at 4.0.581.

No macOS or app restart was requested. Once the scan cache was replenished, threat scans were still completed in about 7 seconds on my MBP18,1 running macOS Monterey 12.4. Enhancements may have been made to the Security Advisor, otherwise, no basic changes to its GUI are obvious.

Thank you, team. Another smooth update!


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First of all, that's not the beta from the link shown in the article I linked you to. The beta is version I assume you are running macOS Ventura which is why the production version shown in your screenshot won't install. That's the danger in posting to a discussion that is over four months old.

To repeat the download link shown in the article I showed you it's: 


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47 minutes ago, PasIntervention said:

That did not help.  I do NOT have it on my computer. I need to download it.  And the versions I have been provided to reinstall give me the following attached error message and will not download.

Those two screenshots show that you're trying to install Malwarebytes version 4.6 and 4.16, neither of which is correct. The 4.16 beta is NOT the current one. You need the 4.17 beta that Al gave you a link to.

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That is the only options you have provided me.  I have no other options.  I have been paying for Premium for years.  And now, from email directions your company sent, I went out downloaded the logger to create a file I cannot send to you do to it's size.  I was told then to uninstall and reinstall but the link for that is no good either.  I have tried to install the Beta and it does not work either.  And I was NOT provided a link to the new beta.  Please supply it now.

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