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Please Help, Desperate.

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TL,DR:  Infected by clicking a link on Twitch. Now I have Internet stalkers that can see my screen, hear my microphone, and use the cameras on both my laptop AND my phone! They've been harassing, threatening, and attempting to extort me since December. Have even temporarily disconnected ISP service, now using only the (infected) phone data until this is fixed.


  I don't know why I didn't realize sooner that AV programs would have help forums, I blame my anxiety over this.
  I was infected from a link on Twitch's website I used to make a donation to u/Gavrilka, a streamer there.  On Christmas.  Immediately the hackers started trying to indicate subtly to me that they were able to see everything I did on screen. I wouldn't realize until they then proved they could also hear everything I said as well, and I was able to put it all together. They have access to my emails, texts, and know everywhere I show up online.  They've been reading my emails, my texts, and listening in on counselling sessions with my therapist, then repeating (read as: lying about) all that information to streamers or in chat.
  I immediately reformatted every computer in the house, and began running subscription Avast, subscription Malwarebytes, and subscription ExpressVPN.  It didn't stop.  I then reformatted again using external thumb-drives, and reinstalled the AV, AM, and VPN.  Still there, immediately.  Before I even get done installing the AV, AM, and VPN and updating Windows, there they are.  I've reformatted now several times and gone through 3 routers. I have now closed my ISP account because some random "Hidden Network" had begun broadcasting from their routers. I don't know what it was or how it was involved, but  I had just prior had an entire text conversation with first my Brother then my Mother  on my phone (also with Avast and Malwarebytes installed) before realizing I had manually turned off both wi-fi and cellular service on the phone. How was I texting then?!?  My phone will show programs have been denied access to my microphone (on phone) and yet Malwarebytes privacy check-up will show they are still accessing it. I took a bunch of pictures to document the incident and they were erased from my phone.  On my laptop my ASUS software has repeatedly just quit working, and last clean Windows Install they didn't even install on the system.  Avast clean-up can find registry errors every few minutes even if the laptop has sat idle during that time. (Have not used since last Windows Installation).  Obviously, I've run several full scans of my drives, including Avast boot-up scans and made an Avast recovery thumb-drive which I've also used.  In all this time Avast has only found 1 infection, in a settings file for Firefox.  Quarantined then deleted it.  MalwareBytes Quarantines a couple PuPs, but from gamefiles from Steam(?). Nothing has been found during scans since.  Yet everywhere I go, several of them (or at least several accounts) show up to mock, harass, and threaten me.
   They've threatened my life, the lives of my mother and my cat. I'm desperate. They claim to be law enforcement, but clearly aren't.  My best guess is these are the guys you read about "Sextorting" people online (they threatened to release a video of me masturbating) They've tried demanding first $200,000 then $80,000 to go away. I've gone to cops, I've even spoken to the FBI.  I have gotten help cleaning my laptop, and am hoping you will help me now with my phone. PLEASE help me get rid of this infection. (I turned on diagnostic mode a couple days ago, but when I hit export it opens share and I don't know where to go from there.)


Thank You in advance for ANY help you can provide

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19 minutes ago, PersecutedRichard said:

now using only the (infected) phone data until this is fixed.

I suggest you contact support to work with you on the phone issue.

Please contact our support team at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to get help Please submit only one ticket/request. Additional tickets will increase the delay.

Be advised it can take 3-7 weekdays for a response after the automated reply with your ticket number.

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