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Hello, is this a false positive? I'm very confused.


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Hello. So I was on Windows 10 and a few days ago upgraded to Windows 11. Because of that, I have the Windows.old folder in my C: drive still. I've done daily scans since then and haven't found anything, yet when I scanned tonight it detected two things which made me a bit paranoid.



They're both cmd.exe from the Windows.old folder. Was this detected because they're not the actual cmd files from the current Windows installation? Is this a false positive? And if so, why didn't it detect this on my previous scans? Any information would be greatly appreciated to help ease my paranoia. Not sure what to do or think at the moment, right now I'm just overthinking everything that I possibly could've done to had this happen, I really hope it's not actual malware. Thank you.

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Not sure if I can edit, but I just wanted to add this.


I get very paranoid about all this sorta stuff so maybe I'm overthinking it. My fear at the moment is that it *isn't* a false positive, and in the timespan between my previous scan and the one I did just now, those cmd.exe files somehow got 'infected.' Hope that's not the case, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. Either way, any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

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13 hours ago, miekiemoes said:


This will be fixed in next database update.

Thanks for reporting!

Hi, thank you for responding. So this is for sure a false positive? If so, why wasn't it detected on the prior scans? Please let me know, thank you!

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