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i got hacked 4 days ago and i installed malwarebytes can i get help!!!

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i got hacked like 4 to 5 days ago i think i clicked on a link and as well i downloaded some stuff from google chrome that were blocked like it said discard item on the downloads 

i was using my pc and i saw my discord app sending messages to everyone i have direct messaged so i quickly changed my discord password on my pc and i installed malwarebytes and it found 21 items and i deleted them and then i slept but left my pc open and then i get a message from google saying someone tried to login to my account through a suspicious app when i was a sleep so i formatted  my pc and chose the don't keep any files and when the format was done and i entered my new pc the whole d drive was there so i just deleted it manually and the c drive had more space than before but it had a folder called old windows and i deleted that as well so am i safe now can i have some app installed from you guys so i could make sure im not keylogged or controlled by a rat please

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thank you very much for helping and i did im really sorry because it said my malwarebytes account doesnt exist so i made one with this same email and submitted this new forum but surprisngly that other forum is still there im confused a bit 

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