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Getting popups from Defender even though running MBAM premium

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I'm running MBAM Premium, v4.5.9.198 and have the following enabled: Web Protection, Malware Protection, Ransomware Protection, and Exploit Protection. I don't have the Website protection enabled as I only visit a few sites and know them all to be safe.

But, at least once a day, I get a popup from Defender claiming it found something -- and when I check Windows Security, real-time protection is Enabled (again) for Defender -- so I disable it.

And yes, I have Defender Tamper Protection disabled.

I have tried everything I can find to disable Defender -- but apparently, that can NOT be done.

However, since I am running MBAM Premium, is not THAT supposed to disable Defender by itself? 

If not, what do I have to do to replace Defender with MBAM and quit getting these popups?

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  • Staff

***This is an automated reply***


Thanks for posting in the Malwarebytes for Windows Help forum.

If you are having technical issues with our Windows product, please do the following:

Malwarebytes Support Tool - Advanced Options

This feature is designed for the following reasons:

  • For use when you are on the forums and need to provide logs for assistance
  • For use when you don't need or want to create a ticket with Malwarebytes
  • For use when you want to perform local troubleshooting on your own

How to use the Advanced Options:

  1. Download Malwarebytes Support Tool
  2. Double-click mb-support-X.X.X.XXXX.exe to run the program
    • You may be prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Yes to consent.
  3. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  5. The Advanced menu page contains four categories:
    • Gather Logs: Collects troubleshooting information from the computer. As part of this process, Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) is run to perform a complete diagnosis. The information is saved to a file on the Desktop named mbst-grab-results.zip and can be added as an email attachment or uploaded to a forum post to assist with troubleshooting the issue at hand.
    • Clean: Performs an automated uninstallation of all Malwarebytes products installed to the computer and prompts to install the latest version of Malwarebytes for Windows afterwards. The Premium license key is backed up and reinstated. All user configurations and other data are removed. This process requires a reboot.
    •  Repair System: Includes various system-related repairs in case a Windows service is not functioning correctly that Malwarebytes for Windows is dependent on. It is not recommended to use any Repair System options unless instructed by a Malwarebytes Support agent.
    • Anonymously help the community by providing usage and threat statistics: Unchecking this option will prevent Malwarebytes Support Tool from sending anonymous telemetry data on usage of the program.
  6. To provide logs for review click the Gather Logs button
  7. Upon completion, click OK
  8. A file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to your Desktop
  9. Please attach the file in your next reply.
  10. To uninstall all Malwarebytes Products, click the Clean button.
  11. Click the Yes button to proceed. 
  12. Save all your work and click OK when you are ready to reboot.
  13. After the reboot, you will have the option to re-install the latest version of Malwarebytes for Windows.
  14. Select Yes to install Malwarebytes.
  15. Malwarebytes for Windows will open once the installation completes successfully.













If you are having licensing issues, please do the following: 


For any of these issues:

  • Renewals
  • Refunds (including double billing)
  • Cancellations
  • Update Billing Info
  • Multiple Transactions
  • Consumer Purchases
  • Transaction Receipt

Please contact our support team at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to get help

If you need help looking up your license details, please head here: Find my premium license key



Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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Please do the following so that we may take a closer look at your installation for troubleshooting:

NOTE: The tools and the information obtained is safe and not harmful to your privacy or your computer, please allow the programs to run if blocked by your system.


  • Download the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  • In your Downloads folder, open the mb-support-x.x.x.xxx.exe file
  • In the User Account Control pop-up window, click Yes to continue the installation
  • Run the MBST Support Tool
  • In the left navigation pane of the Malwarebytes Support Tool, click Advanced
  • In the Advanced Options, click Gather Logs. A status diagram displays the tool is Getting logs from your machine
  • A zip file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to your desktop, please upload that file on your next reply


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21 minutes ago, Mark_Phelps said:

OK, here's the log file

Lets use the same support tool and do a clean uninstall and reinstall. Please restart after Malwarebytes is reinstalled.


Please close all browsers and programs before running the tool. Right click and quit MB from the system tray also.

Once done it will attempt to reinstall both Malwarebytes and Privacy VPN.

Please say no and close the X button on the top right for Privacy.

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1 hour ago, Firefox said:

Can you also provide a screen shot of the popup your are seeing?

In reality you want both Malwarebytes Premium and Windows Defender running, we will show you what you need to do after you provide the screenshot and we review the logs.

I don't want BOTH running. What I want is MB running and NOT having to manually disable Defender several times a day.

The popups appear out of the blue so unless I see one, I can't get a screenshot -- and then when I do set that up, the popup will probably be gone.

I disabled Defender using registry entries I got from the Windows 11 forum, and so far, it has not restarted.

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1 minute ago, Mark_Phelps said:

I don't want BOTH running. What I want is MB running

I am sorry you wish to reduce the protection of your computer.

The reason many of us members are pushing Keeping Defender on is the following.

Malwarebytes does not target script files during a scan... That means MB will not target; JS, HTML, VBS, .CLASS, SWF, BAT, CMD, PDF, PHP, etc.

It also does not target documents such as; PDF, DOC, DOCx, XLS, XLSx, PPT, PPS, ODF, etc.

It also does not target media files;  MP3, WMV, JPG, GIF, etc.

Malwarebytes will block files like these if malicious on execution-only.


Malwarebytes is not designed to function like normal AV scanners and uses a new kind of scan engine that relies mostly on heuristics detection techniques rather than traditional threat signatures.  Malwarebytes is also designed to look in all the locations where malware is known to install itself/hide, so a full or custom scan shouldn't be necessary, especially on any sort of frequent basis (like daily), especially since the default Threat Scan/Quick Scan checks all loading points/startup locations, the registry, all running processes and threads in memory, along with all system folders, program folders, and data folders as well as any installed browsers, caches, and temp locations.  This also means that if a threat were active from a non-standard location because Malwarebytes checks all threads and processes in memory, it should still be detected.  The only threat it *might* miss would be a dormant/inactive threat that is not actively running/installed on a secondary drive, however, if the threat were executed then Malwarebytes should detect it.  Additionally, whenever a new location is discovered to be used by malware the Malwarebytes Research team adds that location dynamically to the outgoing database updates so the locations that are checked by the default Threat/Quick Scan in Malwarebytes can be changed on the fly by Research without requiring any engine or program version updates/upgrades.

An AV will catch the file just by downloading it or just opening a folder with a detected file in it.

For example, you get an email with an infected attachment, Malwarebytes will not even blink until you run it yet Defender will detect it if it is in their database without even actually clicking on it. Remember the list of files Malwarebytes does not target.

Then I will leave you with this.

As good as Malwarebytes is, it is just a layer of protection.

Using a browser that has Ublock Origin and the Malwarebytes Browser guard enabled is also a layer of protection.

Not opening attachments from an email unless you were expecting it from a specific user during a specific time period.

Do not use Torrents. Do not install every free software you find. Do not click links in an unknown email. Go directly to the site listed in the email.

Having a monthly image of your computer on an external drive that is only connected during the backup is actually better than any protective software ever made. Macrium Reflect free is the program I use and place on every computer I service.

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On 6/6/2022 at 11:55 AM, Porthos said:

I am sorry you wish to reduce the protection of your computer.

The reason many of us members are pushing Keeping Defender on is the following.

Malwarebytes does not target script files during a scan... That means MB will not target; JS, HTML, VBS, .CLASS, SWF, BAT, CMD, PDF, PHP, etc.

It also does not target documents such as; PDF, DOC, DOCx, XLS, XLSx, PPT, PPS, ODF, etc.

It also does not target media files;  MP3, WMV, JPG, GIF, etc.

Malwarebytes will block files like these if malicious on execution-only.

Then I will leave you with this.

Understand ... but Defender kept generating false positives day after day after day -- and I got sick of seeing them, and I got sick of having to restore the deleted files.

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6 minutes ago, Mark_Phelps said:

but Defender kept generating false positives day after day after day

What leads you to believe they are false?


7 minutes ago, Mark_Phelps said:

and I got sick of seeing them, and I got sick of having to restore the deleted files.

If you are sure about them, add them to exclusions.

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  • Root Admin

There is no way the Microsoft Windows Defender is going to produce False Positives day after day. You can submit them, you can exclude them. There is no need to modify Windows Defender.

You might want to consider backing up your data and doing a Clean Install of Windows. That way you know everything is safe, secure, and working properly.


Greg Carmack - MVP 2010-2020 -Clean Install Windows 10

How to Create a Local Account While Setting Up Windows 10

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OK, I hear what you folks are saying -- but Defender DID produce these positives, day after day.

I restored each file, ran it and MB made no complaints -- so that is what made me presume the positives were "false".

And, I download different files every day, so my exclusions list would have to be changed, every day.

I did a clean-install a few months back and that did not change anything.

I also run Win10 on this same PC and do not have the Defender issues with it, only with Win11.

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  • Root Admin

Post some logs from your Windows 11 computer then if it's having issues.


Please do the following so that we can get started and see what's going on.

The Farbar Recovery Scan Tool is a free Windows utility designed to create troubleshooting logs for your computer. These logs help our Support team to identify and resolve issues with your computer.

There are two versions of the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool available for download: 32-bit and 64-bit.
To find which operating system is installed on your computer, refer to Microsoft's article: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Frequently asked questions

Download and launch Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

  1. Download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool
    Do not click on any Ads.
  2. Locate the file you downloaded on your computer.
    Downloaded files are often saved to the Downloads folder.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to run the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool.

  4. Windows protected your PC notification may appear. This notification is from the Windows Defender SmartScreen Filter which prevents unfamiliar apps from running on your PC.
    Disable smart screen ONLY if it interferes with software we may have to use:  What is SmartScreen and how can it help protect me?

         a.  Click More info.

         b.  Click Run anyway.

  5. When the User Account Control window appears, click Yes.


  6. To accept the Disclaimer of warranty, click Yes.


  7. Ensure only the boxes listed below are checked


    Registry  Services  Drivers
    Processes  Internet  One month



  8. Disable any Antivirus software you have installed ONLY if it stops software we may use from working.
    Please remember to re-enable any Antivirus software when we are finished running scans

    Click Scan. The scan may take a few minutes to complete.


  9. When the scan completes, Farbar Recovery Scan Tool shows two messages:

  • Scan completed. FRST.txt is saved in the same directory FRST is located.


  • Addition.txt is saved in the same directory FRST is located.


  • Click OK to close each message window


Please attach both of those logs on your next reply, DO NOT copy/paste the contents of the logs directly







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This has become far more complicated than I had intended -- and is getting into more and more work for me.

I posted here because I bought and installed MB Premium in late 2019 with the presumption that it AUTOMATICALLY disabled Defender while it was running. And that MUST have been the case, at least with Windows 10, because I still do NOT get Defender popups in Windows 10.

But in Windows 11, something has changed -- and maybe this was with the latest build 22000.708.  Because, suddenly, a few days ago, I got Defender popups - three days in a row. I confirmed that Real-Time Protection was enabled in Defender and I manually Disabled it -- only to have it re-enable itself the next day.  I went to the community Win11 forums, where I got a script I could run with registry entries that NOW, seemed to have worked.

So maybe NOW, MS no longer allows a commercial AV product to disable Defender automatically, which would be problem for you folks, if that was the case.

My post here was to inform you of this change to Defender status -- which I have done.

IF your product NOW, no longer is able to disable Defender, than I am at a loss as to what do do -- as that same change, if imposed by MS, would affect every commercial AV product out there.

I'm sorry to have take up so much of your time

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  • Root Admin

Our product has not changed. It can run with or without Windows Defender without an issue on a properly working system.

It's up to you what you do with your computer. We're simply offering free help to fix it. If you'd rather not fix it or take it to a computer shop and pay to fix it that is your choice too.

If you like I can go ahead and close your topic and mark it completed, just let me know.

Thank you. No one is trying to pressure you to do anything you don't want to do.


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  • Solution

I stand corrected on my previous reply.  I do not use Win10 regularly as I have switched to Win11 -- so I would notice anything odd there, first.

I do login to Win10 once a week to do updates because most of the PCs I support will not upgrade to Win11 -- so I need to remain current with OS and app updates that I can replicate on the other Win10 PCs.

I had PRESUMED that Defender was disabled on Win10 because I never got any Defender popups these, but when I check Windows Security, it was enabled.  So, it had not been disabled by MB there, either.

My presumption that MB disabled Defender was apparently false, so your product is working as claimed -- so there is nothing really wrong with MB.

I have used a reg script to change Defender settings -- and in several days now, it has NOT turned itself back on.  So, the problem for me, appears to be fixed.

I will see if there is a way to close this thread.

Thanks for your feedback and assistance on this.

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  • Root Admin

Glad we could help.

If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this topic with your request.

This applies only to the originator of this thread. Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.

Please review the following to help you better protect your computer and privacy Tips to help protect from infection

Thank you



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