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Could this blocked site be an error for LRS Waste Recycling?


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This website https://www.lrsrecycles.com/ gives me an error :
Potential Threat Blocked
The following website appears malicious Port 54929, category is Trojan , type outbound connection, domain is N/A and using Firefox

This is a valid company, wondered if this is a Malwarebyte false positive?? I get the same Malwarebyte error is I do a traceroute or a ping. Since I am trying to do business with this company I am not sure what to do? Malwarebytes says it is up to date,, update package 1.0.55676, Component Package 1.0.1689 and last updated 6/1/2022

I don't get any Malwarebyte errors on my Android tablet (all worked well) which also runs real time protection, but uses Duck Duck Go browser.   Wouldn't think browser would matter as I don't use any browser plugins on computer with Firefox or tablet with Duck Duck Go.  

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10 hours ago, wmcamacho said:

Hi there,

Please disabled the block in your database for this website: www.gpetroquimica.com

We have update this website with new core software. Also, scanned this website using several tools, but could not find any threat. 

Best Regards

William Camacho

The block will be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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