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Our website is being blocked by Malwarebytes


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Hello Malwarebytes support,

Our customer is having a problem with accessing our site cloud.measuresquare.com this is where we control licenses for our customers so they can access our Application. Around 2 years ago, malwarebytes flagged our website measuresquare.com (hosted on WordPress) as dangerous due to phishing risks. For cloud.measuresquare.com it was never hosted on WordPress but on Microsoft Azure Cloud.  I think Malwarebytes is confusing our cloud.measuresquare.com as being the same as measuresquare.com because of the domain. These two are not connected and neither is compromised. Please help to unblock our cloud.measuresquare.com and measuresquare.com. The last time I talked to your support, they said that they are not seeing our website being blocked. However, if our website is not being blocked then why are some of our customers still cannot access to our website. They were the ones that told us Malwarebytes is blocking us.  Thank you so much!


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Hello Andres,

What do you suggest us to do or what can you do to help us? In my previous email, I mentioned that cloud.measuresquare.com wasn't host by WordPress but by Microsoft Azure Cloud. Measuresquare.com is being hosted by WordPress and it was attacked by trojan horse 2 years ago. Cloud.measuresquare.com shouldnt be flagged because it was never host on WordPress. Thank you.


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