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I need a very strong explanation as to why you are blocking my website...


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I own a pretty large fashion portal and I was "testing" a few things today, among them certain systems  blocking my site for no reason whatsoever and I came across this in firefox when installing your software:

"Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)"

You better have a very strong reason as to why you are blocking the site to your users because you are exposed to massive liabilities by randomly blocking a business site. It so happens that the specific TLD I have for it is the only one that was available at the time for such an important name.

It is not enough to say it has a ".online" TLD and that is used commonly for blah blah blah... You better provide a very strong reason as to why you are blocking my site for your users, otherwise I might be suing you for more money than you can count.

Contact me in private to provide the domain in question I will not publicize it here.

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29 minutes ago, JGSFLA said:

by randomly blocking a business site. It so happens that the specific TLD I have for it is the only one that was available at the time for such an important name.

The following setting is off by default for the reason you are seeing the block.


33 minutes ago, JGSFLA said:

Contact me in private to provide the domain in question I will not publicize it here.

You will get quicker response and whitelisting if you post it here.


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You are not understanding the gravity of this.

Send what I am writing in this post to the CEO of your company, I will be contacting that person this week as well. There is a very high likelihood that I will be suing you for hundreds if not billions of dollars. The potential damages of this are beyond what I can see you can comprehend.

I will give you a very real example of how serious what you are doing is. In your little message there (highlighted in red) you are implying my domain can be scamming people or doing something illegal. You are instructing me to change settings in my own machine, this means potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of people using your software and looking at this would have to change on their own some settings so they do not see something that implies my business is either doing something illegal or can do something damaging to their devices.

Imagine for a second I run a campaign and I did not catch this on time (this malwarebytes flaw). Imagine I spend initially $1 million dollars in advertising then $20 million dollars months later. From the potential users I am targeting in my campaign let's say initially 1,000,000 of them use your system (you have about 35 million users), my average income per user for that specific ad would be $493 and the average conversion rate would be 0.005% (1 in 500 visitors buys). So that is in the first ad 2000 transactions and $986,000 in income you have made me lose directly. And the bigger problem comes from the residual, I partner with over 3,000 firms and offer over 40,000 brands, this means a new customer can do many transactions per year, generating to my business many thousands of dollars and now, due to your message I lost that customer, but it gets worse, not only have I lost the customer but that customer believes I am doing something illegal or I can damage their computer.  And all why? because I have an ".online" domain.

Just how stupid are you people?

Can you grasp how serious this is? This is not a game, you are causing huge damages to my business.

Don't tell me how to go fis this in MY computer, don't tell me to give you a domain and you "whitelist" it, go fix this issue immediately, you cannot blanket block domains due to their domain extension, that is so idiotic and in my case it has exposed you to a lawsuit in the billions of dollars you idiots.

Saying I am furious about this could not even begin to describe how I feel.


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Thank you for providing the website.  I have confirmed the block, tested the site, and whitelisted it.  The site is now accessible.

When Browser Guard was introduced, many non-standard TLDs were blocked by default.  The rationale was that a majority of malware originated from sites that fit this category.  Each site that was reported required testing to determine whether the website was safe to access, or should remain blocked.  That testing guided our decision whether to whitelist or not.  An ever increasing number of new websites are using non-standard TLDs, yet more malware still originates from non-standard TLDs.

After analyzing data collected over time related to reports, testing and whitelisting, developers included a setting which allows users to choose whether non-standard TLDs should be accessible or be blocked.  Blocking is for users who prefer security over convenience.  The default setting is that sites are accessible.  Your website was blocked only after you selected the higher security setting.  Only those users who specifically change this setting would be blocked.  Even when the website is blocked, the user can still choose to go to the website and can also add it to Browser Guard's Allow List for unrestricted access in the future.  Those last two options only are presented if the user has chosen the non-default setting for this switch.

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