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YGO Omega PC/Android Game


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The game YGO Omega for the Yugioh TCG is being blocked by malwarebytes saying "Compromised". I work with the dev team for YGO Omega and there is nothing wrong with our server or client. The IP address:port is and the application names we use are YGO Omega.exe and OmegaUpdater.exe.

If you need anything else, please let me know. Attached is an image from one of our users.


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1 minute ago, BjelakovicL said:


IP is blocked due to recent brute-force attacks.


Wow thanks for the fast reply. We are using a new server because the previous one we had kinda just disappeared, wasn't offering any support, and kept getting attacked. We'll look into this with our provider. Thanks again! I'll update if I have anymore info.

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I confirmed that our server was purchased through OVH and is hosted in Canada, not Russia. Our game server domain is game.duelistsunite.org with IP address of We do use port 9997 for communication with the Game Server. Is it possible that IP address from Russia which we don't have anything in is doing random scans on people through that port?

I know that I am always seeing random IP addresses trying to use RDP to log in to my machine because I do expose my RDP to the net for remote access outside my network.

Also attached is our Cloudflare info showing that none of our IP addresses match what was given from that Compromised block. I actually don't know how our game or server would be involved in this. We don't have anything in Russia.


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