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Malwarybytes is blocking the reCaptcha all of a sudden this morning.

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This morning reCpatcha started giving me issues.  It worked fine in edge but not firefox and chrome (where I normally browse).  I don't have any extensions loaded on Edge as I don't use it and have that for a plain browser.

I found that the reCaptcha was being blocked by the MalwareBytes extension on all sorts of sites.  Can someone please glance at this to make sure the IP addresses are allowed?

As soon as I disabled the extension things worked fine and turning back in causes it to block again etc so I know its the extension.

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I'm having the same issue. reCaptcha was working fine the other day on Chrome and now I can't login into certain sites that have it.  I've tried updating chrome.  I scanned my computer with my av, mb, and adw.  I restarted my pc.  Like you said ... the culprit is the mb browser guard ... when you remove it ... it's fine.  When you add it back to chrome the recaptcha stops working again.

What gives?

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I am having same issue in EDGE and VIvaldi browsers. It also is stopping full load of two of my Facebook games, Words With Friends and Cookie Jam. Today is the first time I have ever had this type of trouble. These pages will only work if I turn off Ad/Tracers Block and Malware Block. 

Note in the two attachments this is all that loads in both games in All browsers I have. Last night all worked well but now today they don't unless I turn off or disable parts of Malwarebytes' Browser Guard. I hate to lose it but will if I continue to have these problems

Cookie Jam.jpg

Words with Friends.jpg

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