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[ RESOLVED ] Malwarebyte account gone

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Any one tried to have an Malwarebyte Account, and after some times it's gone.? So what you have paid for is lost.

I had paid Malwarebyte and used it for allmost 2 years, and today after i wanna reset my pc, i wanna reinstall Malwarebyte, but i cannot login to my account, and after i tried to say reset password, my emil does not exist.?

Any one tried this before.? I have tried to make a ticket to Malwarebyte them self. Lets see what they gonna tell. - But over all, its really wired.. An a account just got deleted like that.

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1 hour ago, Madsls said:

I have tried to make a ticket to Malwarebyte them self.

Please submit only one ticket/request. Additional tickets will increase the delay.

Be advised it can take 3-7 weekdays for a response after the automated reply with your ticket number. .

What is your ticket number?

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  • Root Admin

Did you happen to change your 2FA two factor authentication?

Let me check further and see what I can find but we may have to wait on Support to reply to your ticket.

You should have a email with your license which will allow you to activate by using the license number. You don't have to log on to activate but it is another way.

Thanks @Madsls


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