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The breakthrough science of mRNA medicine

David H. Lipman

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Breakthrough, yes, but I wouldn't exactly call it a new way. It's been around and known since 1960 and how to use it in the 1970s.

It basically didn't have enough funding until SARS-CoV-2 came along. Then there was huge funding and commercial viability.

The money behind it is what brought it forward to where it is today




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imho, by year 2018 the mRna technology was set to be good to go. There had been a lot of work ( hard work) and discoveries in related bio-sciences that made this possible. One of them, just one, was the full understanding (sequencing / mapping ) of make-up of human genome (early in the 00-ought decade). + learning from the very first Sars & Ebola & MERS outbreaks.

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Many articles about the technology. Not trying to pin down an exact date. Just saying that money and fear drove it to the forefront today.

That same money and drive could be used for many other possible cures, sadly this one was not a cure for SARS-CoV-2 but did produce increased protection from extensive side effects of the virus.


Melissa J. Moore is a chief scientific officer at Moderna


The Long History of mRNA Vaccines


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I was invited to take part in the Phase 4 trial of a mRNA drug in 2019.
Phase 4 trials are carried out after a drug has been licenced to evaluate it's safety and effectiveness in the long term.

A Phase 4 trial is not mandatory but at that time they were still being very careful with the 'new' technology and it was to be a six year trial to check that it was OK long term.

Obviously the widespread use of mRNA vaccines during Covid, (without a Phase 4 trial), would seem to have made that limited trial somewaaht redundant now although it is still continuing to evaluate long term effectiveness.

PS. I declined to take part in that trial. I wasn't worried about the drug itself but not happy about the lack of information given in the invitation.
As you can see in the above links, it wasn't even mentioned that it was a mRNA (actually sIRNA) drug, you had to find that out for yourself.
The invitation itself was sketchy about how recruitment was to be carried out. (They were assuming that if you went to an initial appointment simply to ask for more details that meant you had already agreed and they would jab you there and then).

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