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Can apps that get listed as threats be whitelisted by MalwareBytes?

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Multiple apps of our business are marked as threats due to Android/Monitor.<appName>.a or Android/PUP.Monitor.<appName>.a. 

We have complied to all the Google Play policies and it is disappointing to see our apps getting listed as threats by MalwareBytes. Is there any option to get our apps reviewed by MalwareBytes and get it whitelisted as not a threat?

Any suggestion will be helpful.


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4 hours ago, mbam_mtbr said:

Hi @Shrinidhi,

If you can provide the apps in question, I can review them for you.


Thanks, @Porthos

@mbam_mtbr, here are 2 such apps

This app shows up as Android/Monitor.Monitor.SMSTracker.GCM threat in MalwareBytes Android app - https://tinyurl.com/ty67hwja

Here's one call recorder app which MalwareBytes app on Android shows as Android/PUP.Monitor.TrackMyPhones - https://tinyurl.com/yc5xxpat

Request your guidance on how I can get this fixed. 


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Hi @Shrinidhi,Thanks for the  information on the apps. 

Let me start by saying Malwarebytes for Android takes a aggressive stance against stalkerware.

Therefore, apps that used to be clean may now be detected as PUP.Monitor.  PUP.Monitor is a Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), thus it’s NOT considered malware.

The main purpose of detecting these Monitor apps is to make unsuspecting users aware of their presence.  Especially in cases of domestic abuse where abusers have physical access to victims mobile devices.

If your customers are aware of the presence of these apps, they can simply ignore them using this method:

  1. Run a scan.
  2. On the results screen, below each checkbox is drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow.
  3. From the list of options, select “Ignore Always.” Future scans will no longer detect the app as suspicious.

If they change their mind and like to stop ignoring, they can do so at any time by:

  1. Tap Menu icon
  2. Tap Scanner
  3. Tap Whitelist (upper right corner)
  4. Remove from list

Concerning Call Recorder & Backup, the detection stands.  I understand the reasoning for Google PLAY to allow based on showing the notification and app icon.  However, these things can be circumvented by turning off notifications and there are various ways to hide the app.  With features such at location, and accessing recordings remotely we feel it is important to notify users of it's presence.

Concerning Message and Call Tracker, we changed to Android/PUP.Monitor.SMSTracker.GCM.  Once again, with features accessing calls/messages, we feel it is important to notify users of it's presence.

We apologize for inconvenience, but due to the extreme outcomes of not letting unsuspecting victims aware of these apps, we will continue to take a hard stance on Monitor apps.

Thank you for understanding,

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