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Files stored in Google Drive and safety

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I stored some packed files in Google Drive before a clean installation of Windows and now I wonder if it is safe to download them.

There had been some malware in my PC before the clean installation but it was cleaned prior to storing files in the Drive(thanks from the help on this forum). Malwarebytes, ESET Online Scanner and FRST didn't find any infections in my pc when I was uploading. 

Can I assume that nothing bad will happen when I download them? Should I scan them before or after unpacking(they were packed with WinRar)? 


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1 hour ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Any files you download, make sure you don't use or open them. Then upload to https://virustotal.com and have them scan said files for any possible infection.

If they're private documents though that contain personal information do not upload them.


Those are all files I had saved in my PC but I packed them together and are too big to be scanned by virustotal sithout unpacking and dividing them. What should I do?

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As long as you do not run them they should be safe. Extract them, then upload them one-by-one

If Virus Total cannot scan it then Malwarebytes probably cannot either. We're not really designed for flat file scanning like that. Windows Defender might be a better choice if you have really old files.


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Ok Thank You.

I'd like to ask about one more thing if I can (it's not connected to the files).

I was talking with friends on Discord and suddenly my sound was broken (I could barely hear anynone). I plugged off my plugged in my headphones and it partly solved the problem. However, everything sounded a little bit different than before. I tried to replug the headphones a few times and I think that after a few tries everything went back to normal. In the sound settings in windows, there is "speakers" instead of "headphones" (it says that headphones aren't plugged) but I think that it has been like this from the start.

Does it sound like a serious problem? Or rather something that might have been caused by some kind of temporary error or by a fact that my PC is old?


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Thank You.

As this topic is still here, can I use it to ask 2 more questions?

-I asked some time before about Nvidia's safety and one of the users answered that they would wait ~6weeks. The time has passed, should it be ok to update it now (the program and drivers) ?

-I've noticed that the browser logs me out from some sites from time to time (this forum and reddit are those most noticeable). What may be the reason of this?

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