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Trojan (as per Microsoft Defender)


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Hello, I am on Windows 11.  Microsoft Defender is my AV.
I also use Malwarebytes / Windows malware removal tool (MRT).

Recently, Defender flagged a file as containing trojan and quarantined it.
I have a feeling that it could be a false positive.

I am attaching the file, if it could be analysed please.

Defender is not allowing me to open the "infected" subfolder inside, viz., "PP2021".

Thank you


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This is what I could get from Defender ... screenshot attached.

The first incident of "detection" is expanded, with two choices ... Restore or Remove.
Thereafter, when I have tried to access the subfolder, Defender has logged it.


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Rich Matteo, following an advise in Microsoft Community forum, I did submit the file to them.

It seems that they have a semi-automated process.
I was advised to change the password to "infected".  Could not do that, as even after purportedly the "trojan" being quarantined by Defender, I could not access the files in the subfolder to change the password.

I understand a bit of technical stuff, if in simple language.
Could you please tell me what exactly happens when AV has quarantined the "malware" (FP, say). And, if I ask Defender to restore the "offensive" stuff, what happens ? Does Defender unshackle the contents of the "problem subfolder" ?

Would love to learn a bit.
Thank you

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