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A sudden change in turning off the screen

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Hi, I experienced a bizarre change to my PC. Yesterday when I tried to boot it, there was some error and it froze (screen was black and nothing was happening). I plugged off the power supply (it usually fixes problems like this) and then turned the pc on again. Everything works fine but for some reason the screen turns off after a while of inactivity now. In the Power Plan settings it says that the screen will be turned off after 10min of inactivity. I don't have any objections to this but it's strange as it wasn't happening before (no matter how long the pc would be inactive, the screen was always on).

Do You have any ideas what might have happened? I've read that an update could have caused this.

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It happens now and again that something changes the power plan, and Windows updates are always the fist/main suspect.

Simply change the 10 mins to whatever inactive time you want, or 'Never' if you want it to stay on.

TBH screen 'burn in' is not the problem it used to be but you might save a little bit on your electricity bill if you let it auto-off when not in use. (And even a tiny bit saved is not to be sneezed at these days).

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