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I think my iPhone has been hacked?

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i have an iPhone 12 if that matters. Lately apps have been crashing. A couple of days ago a friend sent me an invite to play battleship via iMessage and when I clicked on it, my phone went black and then restarted. This has happened a few times now and each time my phone name display has added a number on the end. This makes no sense but I’ll attach a photo of what I mean. After the phone restarted I got a strange message about being signed out of iMessage. I called my T-Mobile friend who told me to change passwords ASAP, so I did. Today I received a very strange text claiming to be from a coworker, but it wasn’t her that sent it. That is mildly concerning, bc that means someone else has access to my contacts?? What else do they have access to? I’m very lost and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi @MeleeezySoBreeezy,

It appears that perhaps your Apple account may have been compromised.  I would change your Apple password to something unique (not used every before) and strong.  Also, I highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication on the account.  You may want to do this to your Google account as well.

As for the phone restarting, that sounds like a physical issue with the phone.

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