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Malwarebytes Browser Protection


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I recently acquired Malwarebytes Free and while installing I was asked if I wanted the browser extension. I went with it and now come to find out because I do not have the premium version I am not allowed to add safe sites.

What a rip off. This browser extension is the very least that can be added to the free edition, otherwise why have Malwarebytes to begin with if it cannot protect internet browsing.

Am I to assume my Bitdefender is doing this? Yea, I know. This is not a question for the Malwarebytes forum. Thought I would put it out here anyway as a matter of contention.


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You appear to be confusing 2 different/seperate products.

The Browser Guard Extension is an add-on for your browser, it works in your browser to protect you when browsing.
It is totally free to use (there is no paid option for it).
You can set it to act differently for websites that you trust, by turning on/off the various detections for that website.
You do not need to have the main Malwarebytes application to use Browser Guard as protection for your browsing.

Browser Guard is not a part of the main Malwarebytes application and does not modify the behaviour of that application.

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Thanks for your reply.

Well I thought they were somehow the same or from Malwarebytes. The extension needed some rocket scientist understanding on how it works. Dumb luck got it to work. Still not sure Malwarebytes Browser Protection is something I want to keep.

I suppose if they took away the requirement to be a rocket scientist to get it to function without dumb luck then perhaps it would be worth keeping. If it continues to be difficult then it will have to go. Furthermore if this extension is not made by Malwarebytes then why does Malwarebytes allow this extension to use its name?

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Well I can see I am misinformed about Malwarebytes Browser Protection Guard. But I do not see where to add web addresses to allow.

I attached an image of this extension and I am either blind in one eye and can't see out the other OR there truly is some hidden place where I can add urls.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard.png

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I forgot to mention. I did add a web address in the section "Allow this extension..." and it did not seem to work until I jumped through a gazillion hoops. Regardless if it continues to require I be a rocket scientist for it to operate then it will get removed.

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I'm a user like you, but I don't understand your subject.

The malwarebytes extension is free for everyone and has nothing to do with whether you have Mbam installed or not, you can use it in any browser with nothing to cahange. Protects against malware, ads and others.

For the options you must click on the icon that appears in the browser bar and then on the icon of the little wheel or on the symbol of the three rtayas for the list of allowed or blocked sites.

The operation of this extension has no secrets nor does it need to be from nasa as you say

Sin título.png

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Once added to your browser it will check all websites that you visit.

If you don't want that for a particular site then I was showing you the easiest way in my screenshot.

Go to the website, open Browser Guard, slide those 4 switches to off, job done and it will remember that you have turned them off for that site.

(Simple and no rockets required).

Browser Guard is made by Malwarebytes. But it is a different product from the Antimalware application.

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The problem is I do not see anywhere this Browser Guard showing 4 choices to tick or untick. As in Ads/Trackers, Malware, Scams, or PUPs as seen in this 4Ticks.png

All I see is this second image that comes from the Brave browser Extension settings page labeled BraveExtensionSettings.png

Essentially I do not see anything the likes of which you all have been including as images. Nada.

Perhaps Malwarebytes Browser Guard is different for the Brave Browser.




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