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I don't know where to go to ask my own question... I must genuinely be too stupid to own a computer... I hope somebody will answer me here.... Can I start Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy with just one device, and then add devices as needed until it reaches 5 devices, without paying any extra charge? Also, another question: If I first buy Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy, then get a new PC, but reuse the hard drive that's currently inside of this one, will Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy already be on my new PC, or will I have to add that new PC as another device for that to happen?

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I forgot to ask in my above question... Can whomever knows the answer to my above questions, or at least one of them, please email me? My email address is as follows:


Can the post be edited to remove my email address instead of having the whole post erased? I NEED to know a few things ASAP, as I've had issues with the Malwarebytes support tool having problems uploading my logs, and I've not a clue what to do to upload my logs manually to Malwarebytes, as it's asking me to do. That's why I've come here.

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Hello and Welcome @MegaMegan

Malwarebytes is licensed per computer/device.  It can only be used on one device at a time.  If you want to add devices, there would be a cost to it.

If you purchase a new computer and want to move your license to the new computer you can do that. Simply deactivate it from the old computer/device and then install and activate it on the new computer/device. If you "reuse" the hard drive on a new computer, before moving the hard drive to the new computer, I would deactivate it as well, then once the hard drive is in the new computer, you can re-active it so it registers on the new computer.

You can manage you subscription at https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login

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