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I purchased and downloaded Coreldraw from a company called Promool. As soon as I unzipped every file, I started getting hits for "possible infections" by Windows Defender - and then ran Malewarebytes which identified all 9 system components for the Coreldraw Suite as "Malware Generic / Suspicious. Is there any way for you to tell if these ARE problematic?

False Report CorelDraw.txt

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40 minutes ago, GuyOwen said:

a company called Promool

I can't assist with file detection's but that site looks suspect with prices too low to be true. That soft ware is very expensive.


I would be suspect if a well known program set of Windows Defender and Malwarebytes.

Just checking two of the files from the log, I get the following.



Could you zip and attach the file that was downloaded from them please.we could use a better look.


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Wow! That report is scary. The compressed original file is larger than your site allows, apparently. I tried attaching them individually and your system flashes "Trouble Uploading File" -- once, with rapid repetitions of that message. The full file is over 550MB.

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Well, I did. I have since scanned four times with Malwarebytes and the reports come back clean, now. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes were spot on! But did not report the details you've supplied. 

What do you use to get this detail? And thanks, by the way. 

I am sure the largest file is just as infected. 

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