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mbam not service

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Is it possible to run in MBAM without installing it as a service?  

My PC accesses the internet only for windows update.  Hobbyist/offline use.  Years back I bought excel 2016 from microsoft.com.  At that time, Microsoft had third-party ads.  One of them kept trying an EXE.  When I hovered over "save as" to download excel, a "run" appeared just as I clicked.  A splash screen for some other install appeared, and I decided to just pull the plug.  Data is backed up, hard drives are cheap.  I got excel on the second try, and never saw any other problems.

I would like to run MBAM, for a fee, like in the olden days, but I really don't want the background service.  I'd also rather not "install and then uninstall" just for one scan.  The current install package reads like it only installs a background service.

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Sorry, Malwarebytes needs to run as a service when scanning. You can do two things,  Toggle start with Windows to off within Malwarebytes or in the system tray right click menu and exit Malwarebytes from the system tray with a right click and remember to do so after you finish each scan.

Malwarebytes service is not running when you exit from the system tray.


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5 hours ago, kcantre said:

Pay for a year

The free version is all you need if you are going to do what you propose.


5 hours ago, kcantre said:

I'll probably install/scan/uninstall.

The "service" you are concerned about is off when you quit Malwarebytes from the system tray.

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