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Going round in circles with Malwarebytes Premium+Privacy on iPhone/iPad

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Initially I had Malwarebytes Premium+Privacy on my windows laptop.

Malwarebytes Privacy works well on all 3 devices I have.

I now have installed the Malwarebytes mobile version to both my iPhone 11 and iPad Air 5th gen.

On both iPhone and iPad, Malwarebytes app is installed and appears to be operating.

But when I look in the account setting, it shows all 3 of my options for Privacy has been used '3 of 3' - Laptop, iPhone and iPad

But when I look in Premium, it only shows my laptop as being protected and having 2 of 3 available devices.

Tried adding the iPhone and iPad through the procedure on each device, being told in install the app when I'm already using the app trying to add the device. Hence 'going round in circles'.

When the app on both the iPhone and iPad is opened, it says the device is fully protected and current.

So why are they not shown as used/protected in the Premium account (1 of 3) and only in the Privacy all three are shown as used/protected etc. (3 of 3 ).


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  • Staff

Did you perhaps purchase a subscription to the iOS apps separately, within the app? If so, that subscription will not show up on your Malwarebytes account, and can only be managed by Apple or via your iOS device's settings. Open the Settings app, then tap the box showing your name and the text "Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases". Then tap Subscriptions. Do you see an entry for Malwarebytes Mobile Security there?

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No I just added my code for Malwarebytes Premium used on my laptop, did the same for VPN on iPhone and iPad with the code used on laptop with no issues and it shows I've used my 3 of 3 devices for VPN. But not with Premium, only 1 device which is my laptop yet iPhone & iPad. Premium is shown to be installed and current on their apps.

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  • Staff

I'm still not entirely clear on what's going on.

  1. Are you using the Malwarebytes Mobile Security app?
  2. If you open the Malwarebytes Mobile Security app, and look at the dashboard (see the icons along the bottom of the screen within the app), does it say "Malwarebytes PREMIUM" along the top, or does it say something else?
  3. If it says "Malwarebytes PREMIUM", can you describe what you see in the settings? (Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.)
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