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Unity game-engine FalsePositives (100s of engine DLLs)


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I'm a Unity developer with a Premium MalwareBytes license. On Windows, MalwareBytes appears to flag a lot of DLLs from Unity, as well as DLLs compiled from projects made with Unity, as false positives. Could you please help review these? There are tons of DLLs, many of which are fairly sizeable. I'm unsure if Unity's license allows me to share all these DLLs in isolation, but you could easily reproduce this by installing the Unity game-engine and running a scan on either the install directory or a project made with it. Please let me know if I can provide any more info. Thank you.


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6 minutes ago, animalware said:

Is turning that off the recommended direction

Turning off that setting is recommended as it is not on by default and leads to many FP's

Best not to enable non default settings.

7 minutes ago, animalware said:

rather than whitelisting the Unity files?

That will also be done as well, after staff checks them.

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  • Staff

they should be whitelisted already. 


Expert system algorithms means you are an expert at knowing which is false positives and which is malware. This is a very aggressive mode and its intended if the machine has a infection present and you want to be sure there is no other zero day malware. But we leave it up to the user to know whats a fp and what is malware. Because of the highly agressive mode false positives will occur.  

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Thanks for the response, @shadowwar. When you say they should be whitelisted already, do you mean my MB install has received that info through an update?

And I really appreciate the clarification about the 'Expert system algorithms' toggle. As MB staff, do you see any benefit in us laypeople users leaving this toggle on and reporting the FPs we find (at least ones from more popular software)? Or is it still a lot of noise from non-experts?

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