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Money has been taken out of my account but I didn't receive a key.

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I have filled out 2 tickets, but I received no help. I bought 2 years subscription for malwarebytes with no account, and I didn't receive a key or any information about my subscription. I have no idea how the website let me buy with no account, but here I am. Money has been taken out of my bank account. Ticket 3805145 and ticket 3807903 are the ones I filled out.

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2 hours ago, xachi said:

I have filled out 2 tickets

Please submit only one ticket/request. When you submit more than one it delays response.

Be advised it can take 3-7 weekdays for a response after the automated reply with your ticket number.

Exactly when did you submit your last ticket?


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  • Staff

Someone should be able to help you via support, but there are a few possibilities. It's possible the e-mail with the license key got directed into your junk folder, either in your e-mail client or by your e-mail server. (I've got filters on both, and I'm sometimes quite stumped as to why they mark certain messages as junk.)

Another possibility is that you made a typo in entering your e-mail address. If that's the case, someone from support should be able to locate your purchase for you with some additional information. (That's not information you'd want to post here, though.)

It's also entirely possible there could have been an error in the system. That's something I haven't heard of, but someone from support would be able to investigate and help get it solved.

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