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Several times this week I am unable to install MalwareBytes due to ARM processors.
In the interim I am simply running these products with the built in Windows Defender.

The most recent was a Samsung product that failed to install.

Additionally any time I use Parallels on the M1 Macs using Windows 10 or 11 for ARM it is not possible to install MalwareBytes either. Most software runs and installs just fine but not MalwareBytes.

Please consider working on a version for ARM based chips. I rarely saw them 1 or 2 years back, but now they are becoming more common as the days go by.

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I appreciate your responses, thank you.

This was simply a request for the developers to consider developing a product that is becoming more and more necessary as time goes on.

I've already read many of the articles saying it is not needed yet, or it's not developed yet. The reality of our computing world is that the products we ridiculed or downplayed in the past are now here for users to purchase en-masse. Ignoring this market will only bite us in the butt.

I can run most of the common apps and products on Windows 11 ARM which also means I can also run many of the common malware and spyware applications as well on Windows 11 ARM.

People said Macs didn't need anti-virus/anti-malware protection for the longest time, and here we are with countless viruses and malware on the market for Macs. MalwareBytes fully supports M1/ARM on Mac and it's getting near time to support ARM on Windows as well.

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I’m glad it’s on the radar and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I apologize regarding the ridicule, that wasn’t intended towards anyone who has responded so far. When searching for ARM support it was almost as common to see this behavior as when looking at Apple/Android/Windows forums. There’s always someone who takes their love or disdain for a product a bit too far in their arguements.

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