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Internal tag links, #tags, in web page not working when Browser Guard is on


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I ran into a situation today where I was unable to navigate to internal website links:


I can open the link in another browser window, but as long as Browserguard is active the navigation internally does not work  Is that a setting I need to make with Browserguard or Chrome to enable this?  I am not sure if this is on other sites or peculiar to this one.


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That is the issue, when I have Browser Guard turned on I am not able to follow those links.  When I turn Browser guard OFF they all work.  I was on the phone with Bay Photo, that is how I discovered this.  I have tried this on Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer, the last works as Browserguard is not installed.
I am guessing there is some other conflicting setting but going over them all with Bay Photo, the only difference was Browswerguard.  It does not give a message, just does nothing.
If there is more info I can provide, I am happy to do wo.

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2 hours ago, gonzo said:

Give it thirty minutes and try it out.  I made a change that allowed the hashtag links to work.  I had to remember to tell you, 'cuz I'm a photographer and they have some good stuff!

Closed all browser windows, and YES seems to be working, thanks.  As to Photographer:

Nice to meet you, thank you, love the products.

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