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Suggestion about high block counts in Heuristic Blocking section

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I was searching for a Bugzilla bug, and the list returned a Reddit URL, that seemed to contain some useful information. However, I noticed that the block counts were quickly counting up, and after about 15 minutes, reached over 4K.

I took a screenshot, and it SEEMS that the dynamic counter icon COULD take 4 digits, but only displays 3, and it seems that the 3rd digit of a possible 4 might be missing, as the last digit counts up in an "odd" way (i.e. does not carry left).

I was watching in amazement how the Heuristic Ad Blocker was continually blocking ads on the REDDIT page below:


I am very grateful for this, as I have always felt that Reddit was an obomination for pushy and spammy ads.  Going back to the 3 or 4 digit note, if there IS a display limit, and it is NOT a bug, then can I suggest this workaround:

Suggestion: When it goes over 1,000, switch to 1Kn where "n" is the last digit, to show the user that it is STILL incrementing. When it goes >10K, put out **n (show the dynamic change on the last digit), and put a red lined border around the icon and **n to highlight the issue with the site, and draw attention to the user. 


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@gatortail Thanks for your input so far on this. I am not happy with this being posted as a "solution".  As you have you Product Manager hat on for this reply, it would be interesting to know what the developers team view is on this. The whole point of showing incrementing counts, is to show (possible) suspect sites getting too pushy and spammy with ads. As a retired techie, I DO want this warning, so I will NOT be turning it off. Bear in mind that MWB Marketing actively push this BG add-in during dot release updates/upgrades.

The more frustrating point, is that the Heuristic blocks only kick in for those sites needing it to happen. Downloading the logs (I just did a test using that same URL) ONLY showed 2 entries, the one here on this post, and the actual REDDIT site URL in question. The log does NOT show WHAT is being blocked, and exactly WHAT the Heuristic Block is unhappy with.

For all I know, there could be a mistake in your HB algorithm, and a bunch of false positives. I DO have the latest DB updates by the way, before you ask.

Is there a debug setting for this, so the logs can populate with HB block actions, so I can see for myself?

As a premium user, I would like things to be as correct as possible. The main MWB premium AV has been great so far, excellent product, just this add-in seems to behave oddly at times.

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@td47 if you want to see the blocks,

If you look at the console from the page itself and turn on verbose logging (and preserve the logs), you’ll see something like
TSS: Suspicious audio auto-player detected
content-scripts.js:1 TSS: Caught a suspicious page
content-scripts.js:1 TSS: Sending an onDetection message
content-scripts.js:1 TSS: Removing suspicious iframes
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@gatortailThanks for the info. I assume you mean the Firefox Developer Console? I DO see a debug tab there, and logs are set to "persist". I have grabbed some info to Notepad and Wordpad, I will browse those when I get chance. If not the right place, please advise. 

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